Jan 2021

7 trends that will transform home design in 2021

Home design has seen a 180° transformation while we're slowly trying to find the 'new normal' that befits us. Here are the top 7 design trends you need to look forward to!

Nov 2020

The Middle East Office Design toolkit 2021

Covid has forced the most momentous re-examination of the workplace since the second industrial revolution. Here is Roar's quick cheat sheet on how your workplace can phoenix out of the pandemic a Better, Prettier and more Efficient place of business.

Jun 2020

Redesigning Dining : A White Paper By Roar

The pandemic has toppled the way the world has been functioning until now. While we are heading towards a new normal, what does it mean for the hospitality industry, especially dining?

May 2020

7 Perspectives - How COVID-19 will transform the design of Education Spaces

With the pandemic still going strong, educational spaces are all set to undergo a revolution. How will design take the traditional classroom learning up a notch in the current scenario?